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Monday, December 8, 2008

A Meeting Across the Centuries

IIn February, 1997 I went to visit two psychic friends before going to England. They told me that I would meet a young woman with auburn hair and glasses. They described her as intuitive, often having spiritual dreams and possessing a passion for fashion. They also told me that she would find me attractive.

In April I arrived in England. On the morning of my second day there, I started to hunt for a job. I walked down High street and entered the first recruitment agency I came to. When I saw the receptionist, I was amazed. She had auburn hair and glasses and was wearing a stylish suit to which she brought warmth. Though we'd never met, I recognized her instantly.

She was beautiful and I saw some sort of positive reaction from her. She got up quickly and came out front to speak to me. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Catherine.* We talked for a few minutes about the job in the window. Then, out of the blue, I changed the subject. I asked her, "Why are you are working here, when you're really interested in fashion?" There was a long pause, and then she said, "Yes, I'm interested in fashion." Her look told me that she was wondering how I knew that. She went on, "I used to have a job displaying clothes in the window of a store when I first left school, but it didn't pay much." Later, after I had talked to a recruitment consultant, I left. I waved good-bye to Catherine, hopeful that I would see her again.

That night I had a lucid dream. I could hear the voice of Sarah, one of my spirit guides. She continued to speak as she showed me what she wanted me to see. In the dream I was a Roman cavalry officer, walking through the city of Rome with a fellow officer. I was about twenty-five years old, tall and lean, with dark brown hair, and dressed in military attire - chain mail armour over a tunic, sword strapped to the right side, and sandals [Context, Republican Rome].

My friend paused unexpectedly at a descending stairway. "We should go another way today," he said smiling. "We can drink at the fountain on the way." It was already very warm and I was a bit thirsty, so I agreed and followed him down the steps.

We came to a small enclosed place at the bottom, paved with stone. In the middle was a large circular fountain flowing with fresh water. We walked over to it to drink. I was cupping my hands in the water when I heard the laughter of youthful female voices from above.

I looked up to the right toward a stone balcony. There I saw a beautiful young noble woman, with long, black hair. I clearly recognized her as Catherine, whom I'd just met. She stood between two other women, chatting and laughing. The young women leant over the balcony, carefully spying on the two of us. My friend smiled to me, then waved to them. "Oh, look, my cousin's friends are here," he said. There was a knowing smile on his face, which told me that all of this wasn't just a coincidence. "I know her friend, the one on the left," he said. "I met her last week."

The women came down the stairs, and Catherine came over hesitantly and sat down beside me. I knew that this had all been arranged. She shuffled a little closer and said shyly, "I wanted to meet you." Looking into her eyes, I was completely won over. As we sat there talking, it was a moment of great happiness.


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