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Friday, December 5, 2008

6th SENSE!

Reincarnation is known by the 6th Sense.

There are two types of truth in the world. There is the expected, or taught, truth that people blindly accept and there is the inner truth that you tend to cover up.

The latter is that felt inside and known in our hearts as right. It is hidden truth and it is at odds with society. It addresses all the above and those protecting religious lies are your enemies.

It is what I know and the subject of this work.

This sixth sense is the power of the Spirit that manifests inside you when something is wrong and it ensures you stay on the 'straight path' and are aware of the danger of loosing connection with it. It might send shivers up your spine as a witness to the truth of something and feel dead inside when you go against it.

I have that experience if I go near a church or a movie theatre. For the same reason I cannot tell a lie or drink alcohol, take drugs or go against the Spirit in other ways. Anything that might hurt my body or corrupt my mind is taboo.

Going against the Spirit leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It may cause resentment or hatred to well up for the same reason. It is also something that passes between people so that you instantly like or dislike someone.

Once in a debate....

What next?

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