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Monday, December 8, 2008


or centuries, we have heard stories about the spirits of dead people appearing to the living. Often, we jokingly refer to them as "ghosts" and write off these accounts as superstition. Yet, this phenomenon has been the basis for some of the most famous works of literature and drama, two examples of which are Shakespeare's Hamlet and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

It is obvious to the serious investigator that these stories are based on one central fact. The "dead" continue to live and, in some instances, have the ability to contact those who are still in physical form.

Recently, this phenomenon has been investigated more thoroughly, and is referred to in the research literature as After Death Communication (ADC). Types of ADCs which have been reported include, according to Guggenheim: sensing a presence, hearing a voice, feeling a touch, smelling a fragrance, visual appearances, sleep-state ADCs, out-of-body ADCs, telephone ADCs, ADCs before the news, validated ADCs, and ADCs for protection and intervention.

A majority of these events prove to be not grief-induced hallucinations, as some want us to believe, but actual appearances. We know this is true because of the self-authenticating nature of many of these contacts. In these cases, the spirit gives previously unknown information to the living person which, upon investigation, proves to be true

It is reported that 40% of Americans have had ADCs. Some say that among widows the number rises to over 65%. There have been an estimated ten million people who have had a near-death experience. This means that ADC's may be five times as common. It is time to take this phenomenon more seriously.

There are a number of true stories in this section. I know personally all the people whose experiences are recounted here and can attest to their truthfulness. I believe that first-person stories of this type have even more power to convince than other such stories which may be read in books.

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