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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beware! Ghosts Lurk Here

Welcome! Please. Please do come in. You're looking for ghosts and ghost stories, you say? Yes, yes. You've come to the right place. My name is Charles and I will be delighted to show you around.

First, you should get comfortable and turn down the lights. I find that illumination decreases the enjoyment of darker diversions, don't you? There. That's nice. Much better. Now where were we?

Do I believe in the afterlife, you ask? Well, my friend, there was a time long ago, when I was not a believer. I did not believe in the hereafter or things that go bump in the night. I regarded such matters as a product of one's imagination or the stirrings of madness. Nevertheless, all of that changed when I came here. There is something about this place . . . perhaps it is the ghost stories . . . but this place has a haunting quality to it. Allow me to explain.

It all began when I started to hear the voices and the whispers. At first, I was certain I was losing my mind. But when objects in the room began to shift, changing from place to place by an unseen hand, I knew I wasn't mad. It was really happening and someone--something was causing it. Then I began to see shadows come out of the pages from no detectable source. Stirrings in murky corners with smoky wisps of mist hanging in the air just out of sight, only to vanish when I turned to view them head on...

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I am afraid unavoidable circumstances have forced me to remain here. But since embarking upon this place, I have come to realize there are many who dwell within these pages. Souls roam freely, eager to tell their stories to the world. These disembodied spirits were once just as alive as you but have since passed over. Now they seek desperately to communicate with the living.

So eager are they for human contact that you might experience an unexplained chill or catch a shadow out of the corner of your eye while visiting these pages. If this does occur, realize that it may be one of our residents following you home to pay you a little visit.

I suggest you bookmark this site so you can have a trouble-free return, lest you lose your way. In fact it would behoove you to subscribe to our RSS syndication so you can be alerted to updates as new spirits and stories arrive frequently. You shouldn't miss a single ghost or story . . . that is, unless you don't mind one of our ethereal residents calling upon you.

As you travel these pages and read these ghost stories, realize that ghosts come in many forms. Some are forthright and very easy to see, while others are timid and barely detectable. But you will find them. There are many, many ghosts here.

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