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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stories of Reincarnation

Stories of Reincarnation

There are in fact numerous examples of people who can recall their previous lives.

[Thisstory and the one that follows are unusual because they begin with dreams by four-year-old children which involve events about which they would normally know nothing.]

When I was three or four, I started having a particular nightmare that would wake me up shaking with fear. It was a recurring dream in which the same things would happen
every time in exactly the same way.

The dream started with me walking to a table where a man dressed in a military uniform seemed to be doing a kit check. I would then walk on. Next, I would be on board what seemed to be a landing craft of some sort. Straight in front of me were other soldiers. I then have a brief memory of being with a woman at a table with flo in a vase and with two wine glasses. The woman appears to be dressed in a 1940's style dress.

The dream then continues with me on the craft. I look to my left and see two other landing craft. There are tyres hanging over the side with ropes passing through them. The craft I am looking at hits the beach and the ramp drops. I then look forward and a few moments later the ramp on our craft drops and I start running out into the water.

As I exit the craft, there is the distinctive sound of men shouting as they run. I get no further than a few steps from the landing craft when I look up at a pillbox as I'm running. Then a flash comes from the bunker. I fall to the ground and everything goes a yellow white colour and then cuts out.

I have not had this dream for a few years now. I'm sixteen. I joined an indoor target shooting club and the dreams seemed to become less frequent. Two years ago I joined a World War II re-enactment group which portrays the D-Day landings of 1944. Ever since I joined, I've not had the dream again.

I know some may think this dream sounds a lot like the beginning of "Saving Private Ryan," but I can promise you this is genuine. I recall the dreams when I was as young as three or four. I sometimes have an image of the bunker with the flash. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. I cannot explain what causes this dream, but it has been with me all my life.

What next?

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